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Personal Blog {v7.0}

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For as long as I've been blogging, there has been a version of my personal blog. And that's a long time. It started around 1998 under the name of 'Excess Memory' and was conceived as a place for me to comment on, well, anything really. Being the complete perfectionist that I am, the first couple of versions of E.M. were all hand coded (I know, crazy, eh?) because, at the time, there were no blogging platforms that allowed me complete flexibility when it came to design. The blog continued for about five years but eventually circumstances overtook my blog fell dormant.

After a five years hiatus, on 29th July 2008, Excess Memory returned, hosted by this time Blogger (that coding lark was just too much work). Excess Memory was resurrected to chart the progress of my new found passion, screen printing as well as other aspects of my art work. And that's pretty much how it progressed until, again, circumstances meant that things were shelved for a short while. But like the bad penny it came back under a new host. This time on Tumblr and this time self titled.

So go and take a gander over at:



version 7.0 live 14/03/2011
{blog originates 1994}

undated: as often as I can

Platform host: Tumblr


Lunchtime Lens {v1.0}

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In January of 2010 my day job relocated to new premises in a new city. I'd previously worked right in the middle of a bustling town. Now, my new office was located on the urban periphery of that new city. To alleviate the lunchtime boredom I would go for a walk, just to get out of the stuffy office. As luck would have it I'd acquired an iPhone only the month before and armed with this I'd take photos while I was on my 30 minute lunch break. Rather than let these languish on my phone, or on my pc hard drive, I decided to post them to the web. I'd also just found the Tumblr publishing platform and this gave me a great excuse to try it out. Tumblr is perfect for posting images to an archive or for posting short entry's to a blog.

And so Lunchtime Lens was born. I post three images from my walk every working day and also an LtL supplementary of images from other daily walks for those times when I'm not at work. You can visit Lunchtime Lens here:



version 1.0 live 22/03/2010

Status: currently on hiatus

Platform host: Tumblr


Pickt {v1.0}

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I'm a hoarder and collector of reference material, both in print and digital form. After a while storing this stuff becomes a problem. And much of it, lets be honest, will never get looked at once it's filed away. Pickt is my image 'morgue' and my digital reference library. I'm extremely partial to vintage print imagery, Mid-Century Modern architecture and design, vintage tech, space men, and jet packs. Oh, and a lot of black and white photography.

Pickt can be found here:



version 1.0 live 26/03/2010

Updated: often

Platform host: Tumblr


InAnyCAse {v1.0}

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I'm a bit of a typography nut, it's as simple as that. Much of my print work contains typographic elements. I was starting to accumulate a lot of typographic reference and really just needed somewhere to put it all. Thus, InAnyCase was born.

Also hosted by Blogger, I.A.C. is a visual guide to the creative use of typography. I update this once a week, usually on a Sunday and it can be found here:



version 1.0 live 29/03/2010

Status : inactive

Platform host: Blogger


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