Medusa. Cursed for her vanity. Given the power to turn whoever looked upon her serpent locks to stone.

But because of her inability to use a mirror she often has a bad hair day. Which puts her in a very bad mood.

Could you could give Medusa a new home? £40 (+ delivery) will ensure that Medusa behaves herself  and she solemnly promises not to cause too much trouble.

Medusa is one of a series of four prints depictions characters from Greek mythology, including Ares, Hades and Poseidon

Image details:

Two colour, hand pulled screenprint.
Image size 29cm x 29cm (overall size 40cm x 40cm).
Edition of 50, 10 available.
Printed on acid free, 300gsm paper.

Delivery should be within 5 working days but please  allow for a delivery period of 7 – 10 working days, just in case. Some things are in the lap of the Gods.

£40 (+ postage)

To but this print please use the contact form to obtain payment details.


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