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A sellection of my illustration work.
  ursa major   money to burn   iconfusion
      Ursa Major   Money To Burn   iCONFUSION

      Dr Who: Patrick Troughton        

The Pantheon project


The Pantheon series of prints is an ongoing exercise in creating iconic images. The colours are kept to a minimum to allow the images to be comprised of purely positive and negative spaces. Each is a limited edition, hand pulled screen print and is available to purchase. Click image for more details.
      Ares   Hades   Medusa


Screen prints


Much of my work incorporates typography in it's design. I'm often inspired by the words of others; either by what I've heared or by something I've read. 'They' say that a picture paints a thousand words. That may be true but I like to throw a few more in for good measure.
      Monarch of the Glen   JFK:1963   Weight of the World
{JFK:1963, Beetle Bum and Repeat can be bought as original, hand pulled screen prints}
      Beetle Bum   Repeat   City Boy

No Place Like Home   Leap of Faith    

Digital illustration


Although I use Photoshop and Illustrator to help me create my prints, the end result is always achieved by the hands on method. Creating images in a completely digital format is an area that I am currently exploring. Check back soon, there might be something to look at.
      Eight Track Vol.1   Eight Track Vol.2   Eight Track Vol.3
      238857   MMXI    

Logo Design/Print Design


Recent Logo designs and print projects.
  fancy pants dancewear    
          St. Francis Hospice For Cats   Personal Monogram
      TravelingJoe   Collier Construction Ltd    

Web Design


      St. Francis Hospice for Cats   St. Francis Hospice blog   Collier Construction

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