artist Michael Statham in his studio

Michael Statham is an expressionist landscape artist based in, and inspired by, the rolling hills of Derbyshire. From his garden studio he creates art that captures a feeling of spontaneity through the application of intuitive mark making. The shapes and lines that accumulate while painting give an impression of a landscape, a sense of the space,  rather than a precise reproduction of it.

We’re instinctively drawn to nature and it’s complex forms and shapes, to the organic qualities of it in an attempt to retail the analog beauty in a digital world. Michael infuses his work with those qualities. 

Landscapes are full of texture, colour, chaos, spirit and emotion. These are elements that Michael captures in his work, the application of the paint which creates the form

Michael’s process begins by taking cues from the landscape directly or from using photography and found images as a starting point. Each piece is created with pride and passion, and is as individual and unique as the landscape that inspired it.

Michael works with a combination of oil paint, oil bars and acrylic mediums, as well as using a selection of unconventional tools such as wall scrapers, sticks and occasionally an old nail.

“Landscapes are full of texture, colour, chaos, spirit and emotion. These are elements that Michael captures in his work. It’s the application of the paint that creates the form”.

In 2019/20 Michael recorded a limited series podcast called ‘the studiOH! podcast’ which received favourable reviews. You can to listen to ‘The StudiOH! poPodcast on Apple podcasts here.

In 2020, in response to the Artist Support Pledge on Instagram, Michael began to create a series of abstract landscapes painted on Antique and Vintage postcards. These small, affordable pieces of work proved to be highly  successful and sought after. Over three hundred have been created and sold to art collectors from across the globe. You can read more about the project here. And you can buy your own on Etsy here.

Although Michael does occasionally exhibit, his work sells mainly via social media and his web site and all available paintings are also listed on Etsy. Michael regularly release a limited number of paintings for sale and if you wish to get early notification of these please subscribe to the StudiOH! Diaries newsletter here. You’ll also receive a 10% discount of your first original art work.

Michael’s work has sold to collectors from all over the world including the UK, USA, France, Holland, Belgium, India, New Zealand and Australia.

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do you remember by artist Michael Statham
the chances are favourable by artist Michael Statham
an expressionist landscape in acrylic by artist Michael Statham called an for all the world is ours
the whole of the sky by artist Michael Statham