Antique post card series

Hi Katie, thanks for dropping by.

As promised, here are a few postcards that I have prior to posting on instagram and Etsy. Please take a look to see if any of these are suitable. They are £25 each (including first class Royal Mail postage) or $35 USD (this includes standard postage to the US, which is normally about 7 – 10 days). You did mention that you’d like to buy for your friend in the US so I don’t know if you’d prefer to ship those yourself? If so they will be all be £25 each. However, if you’d like me to ship them to the US then those will be £29 ($35) each and that will cover postage to the US.

Also please note that the cards with red stamps are classed as ‘vintage’ rather than antique as these date later than 1920.
The ones shown here date between 1925 and 1933.

Contact me via Instagram if you’d like to buy any of these (describe them as number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 from the top down) and I will send you a payment link.

Thanks, Michael.

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