Award winning artist Cameron Stewart came to my attention through Sin Titulo, his serialised web comic on Transmission X. Sin Titulo (which, in case you’re wondering, is Spanish for ‘no title’) began way back in 2007 and Cameron’s initial plan was to post one page a week. Unfortunately, due to his rise in popularity and the acquisition of some high profile jobs, most notably a few DC gigs like Batman and Robin, the weekly posting schedule has fallen off somewhat.

Despite that little glitch, Sin Titulo is a web comic that I keep coming back to time and again. Actually, it’s the only web comic which keeps my attention and has me checking back regularly for the latest update.

Sin Titulo has something of a stream of consciousness quality to the storytelling. This lends a air of suspence to the strip and I’m never able to guess just what’s coming next. The art work is confined to two tone line work and formatted in a landscaped, eight panel grid. Which is the perfect layout for this type of strip; no fancy frames, no breaking panel borders, just good, honest story telling.

For anyone that hasn’t read this yet, I’d strongly advise that you give it a go. The strip’s current page count stands at 108. Unfortunately the last time it was added to was back in April. But after reading those 108 pages I’m confident that you’ll forgive Cameron his tardiness and be more than patient while awaiting the next instalment.

Oh, and if you were wondering why I’d chosen that particular page above to illustrate this article, it’s because this sequence fits the current state of my artistic endeavours to a tee. Frustration.

But that’s another story.

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