At the end of 2019 I recorded a limited series show called: The studiOH! podcast.

The initial idea behind the show was to provide support for other artist starting on their journey. I’d planned regular seasons, guest interviews, art tips…the whole nine yards. But, well, we all know how 2020 ended up.

I strayed somewhat from my planned format and the episodes became more personal in nature, allowing invites into my own life and struggles with the business of making art. 

In the end, the studiOH! podcast became a limited series of 6 shows of about 15 minutes each. If you’d like to listen, hit the link at the top of the page. They were publicised as being:

“Essays, observations, stories and therapy sessions from an emerging artist. With years in a desk job firmly behind him, Michael Statham embarks on a voyage of artistic discovery. Michael talks about making plans, shares mistakes and insecurities, makes observations, relates stories and divulges more than a little neuroses about making a living from creating art”.

Despite the false start, the show’s 6 episodes did receive favourable reviews and proved to be quite a success. So, in the spirit of continuity, I have resurrected the concept of what the show ultimately became and I proudly announce the launch of: The StudiOH! Diaries.

The SD (because I can’t be bothered to type the full tittle every time) is to be relaunched as a semi-regular newsletter. 

So, If you like the SP on the SD (see what I did there) and you’d like to receive bite sized updates on my work, news from the art world, a few design tips and probably more personal info about yours truly than you’d care to know about, drop your email and name below. 

Oh, and as a show off appreciation, you’ll also get 10% of your first piece of artwork fro my Etsy show.